Latest Material Trends from Surface Design Show

The designs are very inspiring. I really want to make one. The 3D effect is hard to resist! I will make one from scrap and recycle wood and see how will it turns out…

minna takala - seeing the future in the present

Surface Design Show 2016 Pintark by LOCO Design uses combination of leather with brushed bronze metal and chestnut veneer to create sophisticated patterns.

The annual Surface Design Show has been around already since 2005 in London. The event doesn’t look like it has grown recently, on the contrary it felt less busy this year. The problem is that after 10 years, it would need an injection of new ideas. The exhibitors are fairly mainstream, not offering anything really new or groundbreaking.

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Built-in bedroom furniture from laminated scrap wood

We want to present our newest idea about bedroom furniture. There would be a bed, a wardrobe, a TV rack, and so on, but we only want to show you some of it. Check this out:

bedroom 1


  1. bed
  2. side table
  3. wardrobe + mirror
  4. TV rack

Material: scrap wood from mixed wood (there can be teak, mahogany, mangium, etc.)

Technique: lamina (means glued the small wood components to make bigger parts and joint them together to make a furniture).

What do you think of it? Nice right?

Most of our products are like those and we’ve sold them to many customers from many countries. If you’re interested to our products, please contact us by e-mail to: or

We’re ready to take your order!

Shuriken-like design into wall art

Hi! Yesterday we posted about the shuriken-like design idea. Now, we want to show you that we’ve been able to turn the idea into a wall art! Take a look at these:


Pretty cool, right? We made it from scrap wood. The color is the natural color from the scrap woods we used. Fortunately the wood used is already colorful. It makes the work easier. But if you want another color, or natural wood color, we can do it for you.

We’ve been thinking to make it into another goods, like table top and bed headboard. We know that once we able to make it into a wall art, then the rest is just as easy. Do you want this design too? Don’t hesitate to contact us through e-mail at or by filling up the contact form below. We will make it for you, be it wall art, coffee table, bed headboard, or whatever you choose. Let us know what you’d think about it. We’re ready to take your order!

Shuriken-like design idea

We’ve been thinking about so many geometric ideas and finally we hit this one. It’s kind of shuriken-like or kite-like, or maybe the combination of both. Shuriken and kite origami is looked like this, probably. Check out the picture below:

What do you think about this shape? Looks complicated? Yes, we thought so too. We’ve been thinking to turn this idea into real and using scrap wood as the media. Do you think we can make it?

If you’re curious, stay tuned. We may post the result once it is made.